• How can profits be made when the Bitcoin exchange rate has fallen so sharply?

      As you know, financial charts are shaped like a wave, meaning that it has its ups and downs. Fluctuations in any market give experienced investors opportunities for earning profits. It’s also important to note that the BTC/USD exchange rate is not the game that appears to be the most interesting at any given time. We trade in other cryptocurrencies and also on the newer and rapidly growing cryptocurrency rates.

    • What guarantees are you providing to your investors?

      Any investment involves a certain amount of risk. We are providing an interest rate that is much higher than banks, but remember also that even banks don’t give guarantees in spite of their pitifully small interest rates. It is our advice to all of our investors to never put all of your financial resources into one single investment vehicle. We also advise anyone investing with us never to invest borrowed money. Our team is dependable and we are not scammers. Our primary goal is moving our company to new stages of development via our website.

    • Why aren't you disclosing names and contacts?

      That's because we are concentrating on is our investors’ security and the origin of those funds is unknown to us. We would not want to be in a position where we could be helping anybody with getting to our investors.

    • Do you have a legal framework and do you pay taxes?

      No, but we can assure you that we are not involved in anything that could be construed as illegal. We are simply not required to have permits or licenses. Whether we pay taxes or not is inconsequential. What should concern you the most is the fact that there are zero taxes for you when you trade Bitcoins.

    • Why are you only accepting bitcoins?

      In our business, BTC happens to be the main currency plus the fluctuations in exchange rates for different currencies can be a major factor. We prefer not deviating from the financial model, especially since it could pose more financial risk.

    • Can you tell me about creating a Bitcoin wallet and transferring money into it?

      There are a number of varying programs and websites that help you with creating a Bitcoin wallet, including blockchain.info and coinbase.com, which are the online wallet sysytems that are currently the most common. Once you have created your wallet, transferring money is easy on bestchange.com.