Terms of service

This is a user agreement that will heretofore be known as “the Agreement” . It will outline all of the terms and conditions of the use of any and all services that we may provide to our registered users, including but not limited to accessing the personal payment and account operations of our clients that may be performed via our website which may be found at MagicB.io
During the use of our services, you the client are hereby confirming that read this Agreement, and having a full understanding of its overall meaning, hereby are accepting the contents in its entirety.

Your Responsibilities as a Client

  • You hereby agree to not accessing our website or attempting to do so via automated, unconventional, illegal or unethical methods.
  • Management of the confidentiality of your account login information is your sole responsibility.
  • Engaging in any form of disruptive activities is which could cause interference with the functionality of the web pages covered by this agreement is strictly prohibited.
  • No attempt may be made to duplicate or reproduce any of our website’s contents in any form.
  • It is understood that we could be listed on other investment blogs, websites, or forums. If you engage in the posting of any information regarding our company or our website in any communication tool, you are hereby agreeing unequivocally that you will not to post any content that could be considered illegal, abusive, threatening, defamatory, or harassing, nor anything that could be an infringement upon any trademarks and/or copyrights. In addition, you agree that it will not contain any type of impersonation of another person, nor any advertising, be it unsolicited or unauthorized advertising.

Using Our Website

Our website will be deemed to include all content, including web pages, text, graphics, images, sounds, designs, as well as any and all additional information and data that is contained herein and as such provided exclusively for your informational purposes. You are hereby given full permission for viewing and printing any and all web page contained on our website for only personal, informational and non-commercial usage, however you may not engage in the reproduction, modification, copying, collecting, cataloging or republishing of any content there without our consent. You agree that you will only utilizing information from our website regarding investment solely for your own personal use and not for commercial purposes. You also are hereby in agreement to not distributing, selling, transferring, or otherwise disposing of any website information in any manner whatsoever. You hereby agree to never allowing any such information to be used for any other entity or person’s benefit. The website content covered by this agreement isn’t intended for for use or distribution by any person nor in any other jurisdiction where it would be contrary to local regulations or local law.


Sometimes we engage in the practice of using cookies so that we can provide better service to our members. They are small information bits that are utilized by our website, so that your provided info can be retrieved at a later date by our browser. Other website cannot read any info provided by these cookies . We simply are using cookies for administrative purposes.

Copyright and Trademark Notices

Our website is owned, controlled and copyright protected. Any and all other trade names, trademarks or service marks referred to on our website will remain the property of those individual respective owners.

Seeking Personal Advice

Our website is for strictly general informational purposes. We recommend seeking advice that is personalized for you from a qualified professional before making any investment. All of our services and products are deemed subject to all terms and conditions of those agreements governing their use.

Changes to Terms and Conditions

This Agreement could be modified by our company in its sole discretion, at any time without prior notice.